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New Partnership: Great Cause Biodiversity

The Young Ambassadors for the Environment are pleased to announce that we are partners of the Great Cause Biodiversity!

The Great Cause Biodiversity is a national-scale project built over 3 years and will be officially launched next Tuesday, June 25, 2024. With their experience in this type of national consultation, and a coalition of state, private, and civil society stakeholders are committed for the next three years to collectively and positively transforming society. Therefore, we invite all of you to participate in the online consultation that will be available on June 25th!

The goal is to bring together all stakeholders and French citizens to help protect French biodiversity. Due to France’s overseas territories, it ranks 6th in the world among countries hosting the largest number of threatened species. This represents 1 out of 3 species being threatened worldwide. (French Committee of IUCN)

Therefore we must act now. In upcoming discussions, we are proudly going to help make the voices of the younger generations heard. However, we also need you to help us make this happen! June 25th, 2024 we encourage you to grab your phones and make the voice of the YAE (Young Ambassadors of the Environment) heard!

More information will be available on June 25, 2024...

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