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As Young Ambassadors between the ages of 10-25, we want to take part in debates and decisions for the next 30 to 50 years to come. We want to take concrete action by identifying solutions that will allow each of us to start to act for an ecological transition.

We rely on a network of experienced sponsors, coordinated by Yann Wehrling, Ambassador for the Environment in France, to allows us to learn how to act and influence at the international level.


The Young Ambassadors for the Environment is an association that wants to promote and encourage young people committed to the environment.


The Young Ambassadors share actions of young people committed to the environment through videos, podcasts, and photo reports made by the young ambassadors themselves.

The Young Ambassadors, by spreading their actions, want to invite other young people to join them.

The best actions are supported by our association and are visible on this website, but also through events organized at the national and international levels.

Watch these videos of the Young Ambassadors to learn more:

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