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The 10th World Urban Forum

Thank you to all the Young Ambassadors who participated in the writing of the manifesto and who contributed to the Youth Forum at the World Urban Forum 2020!

We made 10 proposals to ensure a sustainable city to the leaders who were united on the occasion of this event.

The Youth Ambassadors were there. We were able to see that the organizations and elected officials present were in favor of the measures we reported.

The current climate, both social and environmental, shows us the urgency in which we find ourselves. Cities, the first place where citizens live and share, appear to be the first to be able to act for us, by us, but also to fight against global warming and its effects.

Respectful of the biodiversity it shelters, a sustainable city is clean, both in terms of waste and energy. It is inclusive and adapted to the most disadvantaged. It must include the inhabitants in its approach, and unite them, no matter their differences. It is green and chemical-free. It is intelligent and supportive.

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