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  • Themed Workshops


Aimed at middle school and high school students, these themed workshops are an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the challenges in protecting nature by highlighting the gravity of the current situation, the national and global challenges, and the need to act on all levels, focusing on what each person can do at their level.

Through these workshops, we hope to contribute to increasing awareness in the new generation of environmental urgency, essential steps for developing, thereafter, personal or collective initiatives of youths to preserve biodiversity.

  • Discovering Events


Organize nature outings schoolchildren and their close family members, in particular, as a way for us to help them (re)discover local natural areas, make them aware of the richness of flora and fauna, and teach them to listen to and recognize birds, in addition to recognizing other animals and vegetables.

We are also considering bike tours to combine awareness of local biodiversity with awareness of “soft” ways of transportation that are more respectful of the planet.


  • Screening and Debates


We hope to mobilize high school and college students around environmental issues during screenings and debates organized in the school setting. Our goal is to make them aware of many themes related to the protection of biodiversity, while getting them involved by giving them a voice in an interactive approach.

A number of themes can be addressed such as pollution, the restoration and enhancement of ecosystems, climate change, the fight against pollution, the fight against waste, the vulnerability of certain species and natural spaces, eco-friendly actions, etc.

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