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Anatole, Young Ambassador for the Environment at the IUCN World Youth Summit

“I have a goal to build a project attentive to the ecological transition. In the line of environmental studies, my path is focused on human and social sciences. As a student of history, I am working on the lineaments of a new conception of Nature at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

In addition to this research work, I want to continue my commitment to biodiversity in the field. I have joined the Eco Mayors and the Young Ambassadors in civic service, to promote the local action of elected officials and the new generation in favor of sustainable development. In light of this commitment, I want to take part in the mobilization of our generation for the protection of the environment and to participate fully in the preservation and enhancement of nature. The ecological transition and the protection of biodiversity are fundamental issues of governance and responsibility, for which we can act at our level.”

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