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Faynoussati, Young Ambassador for the Environment at the IUCN World Youth Summit

"My name is Faynoussati Ali Hamissi, I am 26 years old, and I was born in Mayotte (Indian Ocean, France).

Having grown up in an environment in direct relation with nature, I made nature my passion, and I position myself to work for the preservation of our natural heritage, which is deteriorating day by day. I completed a degree in Life Sciences and a master's degree in engineering and management of environmental projects. Currently, I am in charge of GEMAPI (Management of Aquatic Environments and Flood Prevention) & Biodiversity at the Community of Communes of Petite Terre, Mayotte. My objectives are to set up protection strategies to guarantee the safety of goods and people against floods, and to improve and promote knowledge of the biodiversity of Petite Terre, in order to create a territory committed to the fight against the erosion of biodiversity.

Until now, the majority of awareness actions have been focused around adopting good measures for waste management. As a Young Ambassador for the Environment, I would like to promote the biodiversity of our territory, especially that of the Badamiers Mudflat, the only Ramsar site in Mayotte, and the only mangrove in expansion according to studies done. It is important to make the population understand that in addition to having beautiful beaches, mangroves are a real opportunity for our territory, which has one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world.”

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