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“The Mobilization of Youth in Favor of Biodiversity” - Youth World Summit/Workshop

During a workshop with the President of the French Committee of the IUCN, Maud Lelièvre, the patron of the Young Ambassadors for the Environment and the French Ambassador for the Environment, Yann Wehrling, and the Secretary of State to the Minister of Education in charge of Youth and Commitment, Sarah El Haïry, the Young Ambassadors for the Environment were able to bring the voice of young people, who are concretely committed to preserving biodiversity on a local scale.

Special thanks to Cécilia, and Anatole for being the spokespersons of the Young Ambassadors and additional dedication to Sohan, Thomas and Alexandre who took part in the exchanges!

These two hours of conference were an opportunity to share field experiences, ideas, raise awareness, share strong aspirations to preserve the biodiversity that surrounds us, exchange with public figures, and exchange with other young people.

To listen to the workshop again: CLICK HERE

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